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What is Aging in Place?

Aging in place is more than being in an environment of choice as one gets older, it means home; a place for emotional and functional needs to be met. A foundation where family histories are created and rich memories have been woven from shared experiences.


Home contains a life-time of cherished objects that support identity and delight the senses. It’s also community and those daily rituals you’ve come to love. You plan to stay; it’s where you live. You’ve got options as you grow older.


The essence of home is to feel safe in an environment where you have the ability to control and enjoy your experiences. However, aging can lead to reduced physical abilities and loss of “environmental competence” – or the ability to get around. Later in life that home you love can become difficult to maintain or even unsafe.
The good news is that with a growing number of housing modification options; care giving; assistive technologies; aging in place tips; and green strategies; the home may actually serve to maintain independence by compensating for reduced functioning-as well as help the environment for future generations.


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The Happy Handyman Staff cares about all of your Aging In Place needs. We are CAPS Certified (Certified Aging In Place Specialists) and are licensed to install many items in your home to help you age more comfortably and safely! Things like grab bars, wheelchair ramps, illuminated light switches, easy to open door handles, and Super Poles are simple installs that aid in accident prevention.

It is a characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things.

–Henry David Thoreau

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